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Wellness/Recreation Programs...

Wellness Program for Mind, Body and Soul...
Wellness is a journey that can greatly increase the quality of life we enjoy. One is never too old to begin a fitness program and the benefits at any age are endless. Whether your goal is to build strength, increase endurance or increase your level of independence, fitness training will help you meet your goals. Gather with friends at T.O.E.S. (The Oaknoll Exercise Society), relax at yoga class, or participate in one-on-one personal training right here at Oaknoll. Our Wellness Center is located in the George Street building and showcases a state-of-the-art workout room, pool and locker rooms, as well as physical and massage therapy.

Oaknoll Wellness offers numerous activities to enhance your mental and physical well being. All of the wellness activities are available to Oaknoll residents, their families, residents on the waiting list and our staff. The Wellness Center is staffed by two full-time fitness trainers who are experienced in senior fitness. Residents may schedule one-on-one time with our instructors who can help design a program that will meet your health and fitness needs.

The Wellness Center 
In the Wellness Center, open 24 hours a day, our residents use some of the latest exercise equipment to increase strength and endurance. The type of machine a resident chooses depends on the workout they enjoy or are used to. Our exercise equipment is specifically designed for the more mature exerciser.

High-end treadmills
that have shock absorption to make walking easy on the joints.

Strength training
weight equipment including machines, free weights, stability balls and exercise tubing, safe and tested regularly.

Recumbent bikes, a resident favorite.

The Elliptical Trainer, which allows for no impact cardiovascular exercise, is similar to running or climbing stairs. It offers less stress on the joints while providing a full body workout.

NuStep, a recumbent cross-trainer which allows your hips, knees, shoulders, muscles and cardiovascular system to be exercised in total comfort. It’s the “all-in-one” exerciser. The NuStep is a complete low impact total body work out you can do sitting down. It has a display panel that shows your time, steps per minute, workload and heart rate. A single touch button shows an average of how your workout is going.

Oaknoll Walking Group
Residents who enjoy walking may join the Oaknoll Walking Group which meets in the mornings at the Sycamore Mall or on nice days they enjoy walking outdoors (transportation to the walking location is provided).
Our residents also take advantage of our corridors for walking which provides a safe, well-lighted, weather-free environment.

Whether a resident joins the Walking Group or walks on their own for exercise, many enjoy keeping track of their steps with pedometers. Each year, Oaknoll has a walking challenge program—residents log their miles each day (with the use of their Oaknoll pedometers) for eight weeks. To make this competition a little more interesting the Oaknoll residents challenge area businesses and their employees to see who can log in the most miles. The challenge ends each year with a Health Fair where vendors come in to showcase their healthy products and active wear and bring fun gifts for the residents.

The Oaknoll Exercise Society (T.O.E.S.), Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi
The Oaknoll Exercise Society, better known as “TOES” to our residents, is a group-exercise class that meets three times per week at 9:30 a.m. T.O.E.S. is a thirty minute class in which exercises are performed both seated and standing with an emphasis on improving stretching, strengthening, range of motion and improving balance.

Oaknoll also offers Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi to our residents so they have choices in their exercise program and find the technique that works best for them. Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates are offered at various times throughout the week.