Internet Cafe
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Internet access through the Oaknoll wireless system. Computer service and Internet access is available for each Oaknoll resident through a wireless connection integrated into the building structure. To access this optional service, the resident will need to have a wireless-capable computer purchased in the last 5 years. Residents who elect to use our Wi-Fi service will be charged $10/month. Residents may discontinue the wireless service at any time.

We employ a full-time in-house IT person who provides computer support to residents at no charge.

Oaknoll offers free on-site technology classes for our residents, where they will learn how to use a computer, surf the internet, send emails, and much more!

E-mail access in public areas - Any individual who would like to use e-mail but does not wish to have wireless service in his or her residence may establish an e-mail address and mailbox on the Oaknoll system through Oaknoll computers located in public areas, such as the Internet Café. There is no charge for this service. Computers are available in the internet café 24 hours a day.