Game Room
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Game Rooms...

Billiards Room
billiardsOur billiards room is open any time if you want to shoot a game of pool. Whether it’s 8-Ball, 9-Ball, or Straight Pool, our Billiards Room is fully equipped to handle it all. Groups may also reserve the room for tournament play. This room is located on the first floor, next to the Recreation Room.

Table Tennis
Whether you’re an avid table tennis player or a beginner, you’re encouraged to invite a friend or a couple friends (for a doubles match) any time of the day to test your skill. Ping Pong is great exercise! We have residents who are willing to teach ping pong to anyone wanting to learn. Our ping pong room is open every day and is located next door to the Recreation Room on the first floor.

Golf, Tennis, and Bowling
Oaknoll offers year-round golf, tennis, and bowling leagues and residents don’t have to leave the building to play! Using handheld pointing device, residents simulate playing each game through a Nintendo Wii video game system, which detects their movements in three dimensions, allowing the resident a close to real experience.

Residents gather weekly in the first floor lounge to test their skills and have a friendly competition with others in the Oaknoll community. Fun is the number one objective!